When Stealing is OK

When one searches the definition of ‘Family’ on Google, the fourth bullet pointed description is, “a group of people united in criminal activity.” This definition resonated with me most. Being from a big family I have been guilty of my fair share of stealing. As a child I would steal my brother’s bike in the summer time. As a teenager we would steal each others left-overs from our favorite restaurants. Now as adults we mostly just steal each others phone chargers- which is equally as tragic as someone eating your left-over chicken fingers. These are all little things that we are used to dealing with in a big family.

Recently we have been stealing each other’s seats around the table when one person gets up. We steal each other’s warm beds when we come to visit. But who can complain because at least we are together, right? We steal one another’s voice when the other is NOT doing the story justice. And sometimes we steal each other’s Instagram posts because they are just too good not to post.

Of all the little things we steal the biggest and possibly the best thing we steal from our family is time. The time we spend together is inevitably irreplaceable. I did not realize how precious this time truly is until the summer of 2015 when I lost one of my dear cousins, Whitey. Now every second of everyday I wish I could have spent one more second with him.

Before that summer I was not careful with my time. I would often miss family events for work or for a party with friends. Now I make a conscious effort to spend time with the people I love as often as possible. It’s sad that it took such a tragic event for me to realize how important time really is. It only takes one moment, one blink of an eye before someone’s time can run out. I hope you take the time to see the people you love most while you still have the chance.

The third bullet point that described family on a Google search was, “a person or people related to one and so to be treated with a special loyalty or intimacy.” With the quote, “I could not turn him away, for he was family.” There is a special loyalty that we Feeney cousins have discovered and we live by it everyday. We still search for the sunshine everyday that is our Whitey shining through the clouds and we are all looking up together.